Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fun with Mini Storages

We all know what they are. They are evil creatures that suck your money and give you a false sense of security knowing that the stuff that you don't want or can't have in your home, is safe locked behind their doors.

You would be mistaken in all those beliefs. First of all, they are NOT safe. They can be broken into as I found out about a week ago and wrote about.

Second of all, they are money sucking pits really. You are paying to store stuff that you don't want at your home. And obviously it's nothing that you really need on a day to day basis as it's locked up in your mini storage. We've been renting a mini storage for almost 3 years now. Our unit is a pretty good sized one, 10x20. It's cost us $110.00 a month. Add that up over the three years and it's enough to put a down payment on a home.

We are cleaning ours out. And this time we are doing a really HARD sort on the stuff in hopes of getting rid of rented storage altogether this time. I would strongly reccomend to anyone that has a rented mini storage, to reconsider the stuff in it and do some down sizing. If your possessions have been in storage for an extended amount of time, you can probably do without them. 

And just think of all the money you'll save when you get rid of that monthly storage bill.

I have a feeling that my on line store, RAYVENS RARITIES, will be getting in a lot of new items for sale, very soon.

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