Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Update to Friends on Drugs Story

Well as you all, already know MOST of this horrible tale, here’s the latest. Although it’s now a few days old, but hopefully it’s pretty much at an end for the people involved and can be forgotten about at some point in time.

You all know the horrid ordeal that the young lady I am calling K for identity protection purposes, had to endure for most of last week.

I found more out about this whole affair and was even more upset and angered by it.

The individual that asked K to accompany her on this trip had apparently lied to K even more than we knew.

You all have most likely read about this Amy’s break with reality and her flipping out in the vehicle and all the rest. If you are just reading this entry, please go back and read them all so you will understand and be able to follow along.

Amy knew before she asked K to take that long driving trip that she was not going to be allowed BY HER OWN FAMILY to see her Grandmother. K had NO knowledge of the fact that she was taking a trip, with what turned out to be a very mentally disturbed individual, that the trip was for nothing and Amy had full knowledge of it.

The whole thing with Amy flipping out and all the rest happened AFTER she was NOT allowed to go anywhere NEAR her Grandmother.

Amy’s OWN MOTHER and AUNT would not allow her anywhere NEAR her Grandmother and we are all of the understanding that Amy knew this before she ever left this area to go on that long trip.

And we also found out, much to our horror, that Amy was packing a hand gun through this whole thing. K was so upset when the Police arrived at the scene of Amy’s breakdown, that she forgot to tell them that Amy, had a gun.

Also, ever since K was basically stranded by this nut job Amy, Amy’s husband Josh had been calling K to make sure she was alright, and that has been continuing even since K finally made it home.

Josh told K that he’d gotten a phone call from Amy’s Mother ( his Mother-in-Law) that Amy was now Josh’s problem and that the family was done with her.


Amy apparently is a nut case from WAAAAAAAAAAY  back. We don’t know if Amy is back in this area or not. She was supposedly in Colorado a day or so ago so if she isn’t back here, she should be soon.

K went to our county courthouse a day or so ago, to try to obtain a Restraining order to keep this psycho away from her and her family.

I want to thank all of you that gave K support and well wishes through this ordeal. She and her husband can’t believe that there are such caring and thoughtful people that would do something like that for a stranger. Thanks my on line “family”  :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010


And not a good one but not horrid

Oh gods, this crappy situation just keeps going up and down.

K made it from Oklahoma to Memphis Tennessee. The flight 1st flight out of Oklahoma had gotten delayed due to a bird hitting the plane she was supposed to have left in or was leaving in. It delayed the flight from Tennessee to Michigan.

Due to that delay, it made her miss the flight that she was SUPPOSED to be taking once she got to Michigan.

No worries, the airline, Delta, gave her a food voucher and arranged for her to take a later flight from Memphis Tennesee to now Utah.

All is well.

THEN Delta gave her seat away on the later flight because they said she wasn't there.

They just gave her a food voucher to use due to the delay and they said she wasn't there.


OH JOY, she got to sit in the airport of Memphis Tennessee for like 4 hours due to Delta giving her seat away cause they said she wasn't there, even though they had just given her a food voucher for the delay the bird hitting the plane had caused.

She finally got on the plane in Memphis like 15 minutes ago, and then she promptly had to get off the plane just a couple of minutes ago due to a problem with the fuel readings on that plane



K got to the airport in Oklahoma just fine this morning but then trouble started. The plane she was supposed to get on got delayed due to a bird flying into the plane (stupid bird).

Anyway, it delayed her flight long enough that she missed the one in Tennessee. Good thing is that the airline she is flying with, Delta, put her on another flight, and gave her a food voucher. And actually providing nothing else goes wrong, this will turn out better for her.

Her old schedule had her flying from
Oklahoma to Tennesee to Michagan to Oregon (Home)
 With an almost 4 hour lay over in Michigan.

Now as long as she's got no more delays, instead of going into Michigan, she'll be flying from Tennesee with about an hour and a halfs lay over, to Atlanta Georgia and only about an hour lay over and then to Portland Oregon. And she's scheduled to arrive about a half hour earlier than the original plans so hopefully this is going to turn out a bit better than it was.

And the whacked out woman that caused all this, her husband has offered to pay for all of this stuff. In my opinion he should have to pay for it and get his wife locked up in a drug treatment facility if she ever shows back up here !!

The continuing saga of A friendship gone way wrong

K managed to get into a hotel for the night and got the first good meal she's had in a couple of days. As I mentioned in my previous post, she and the whacked out "friend" had been trying to make time so they hadn't been eating very regularly and trying to just get to this freaks Grandmother before the lady passed from this earth.

Unfortunately I have more bad news to report. K was supposed to be leaving Oklahoma at about 11:30 this morning. The flight out of Oklahoma has been delayed due to a bird flying into the airplane.

This delay will put her at her next stop, Tennessee, with about 15 minutes to collect her baggage and get to her next flight that goes to Michigan. I have a HORRIBLE feeling she may not make the connecting flight in Tennessee, but I'm gonna pray she does.

It wouldn't be so bad if this delay would have been in Tennessee to Michigan as her lay over in Michigan was going to be almost 4 hours.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Dangers of Friends that mix prescription drugs

My Daughter has a couple of very good friends. One of them, we’ll call her K for the purpose of this story.
K is married and her husband became friend with a fellow he worked with. This other fellow has a wife and she and K became friends, not real good friends but friends.

This friend of K’s came to K asking for a favor. Her Grandmother is dying and she wanted K to drive with her to Arkansas to see the Grandmother before she left this life.
K agreed to drive with Amy to see the Grandmother so she wouldn’t have to take that long trip by herself.
They left and everything was alright, a few minor problems till today and all HE__ broke loose.

Amy was taking narcotic drugs that she’s only supposed to take at night. Then she demanded to drive ( the two young women are in Amys truck). K didn’t want her to drive. The drugs that Amy is taking are very strong, she isn’t supposed to take them but at night, and she took two of them.I'm not sure what the prescribed dosage on the medication is, but a guess on my part is, is that it was to much. K is in college for becoming a pharmacy tech and what Amy took was a high enough dosage that K did NOT want her driving.

Amy became angry that K wouldn’t let her drive and proceeded to grab the steering wheel as they were going down a highway in Oklahoma at like 70 miles an hour, and tried to wreck them.
K managed to get the truck stopped while fighting off the drugged up and freaked out “friend”.

Somehow, Amy got out of the truck, was screaming her head off at K, then tried to call her husband, then threw the phone she was using as far as she could ( don’t know why she did that)
K in the meantime, got Amys husband on the phone, Josh, is his name. She told josh what was happening and josh told K to keep Amy out of the truck till she calmed down.
Amy then proceeded to get even angrier and freakier and started beating on the truck windows so hard that K thought she was going to break them. Josh heard what was going on, and told K to call the cops, which she did.

The police, somewhere in Oklahoma, arrived on the scene. K explained all about what had happened. Then they went to talk to Amy.
Amy told the police that K was trying to to steal the vehicle, was going through her things and stealing them.
K tried again to explain that Amy had taken a large dosage of narcotics and was acting irrational, and was lying.
The police told K to “exit the vehicle or we’ll break the windows in”. She was forced to leave the truck and stand in the pouring rain.

The police in that fine area of Oklahoma, then told K to remove all her belongings from the truck, and that she had two choices. She could ride to their police station and they would call her a taxi from there, or she could stand on the side of the road in the rain, but she was not allowed to go near the truck that she had rode in from Oregon to where ever in Oklahoma this crap took place.

So now K is stranded in Oklahoma, oh and she may have a broken finger as well. During the time that she was trying to get her “friend” calmed down, she rolled the window of the truck down far enough to hand her phone out so Amy could talk to her husband. Amy bent K’s thumb back far enough that it may have broken it, or at the least, sprained it very badly.
K is sitting at an airport somewhere in Oklahoma. We all here had to scramble to find a way to get this young woman home to her husband and two little daughters.

I guess one of her family members was able to get the money to get her a plane ticket to come home here to Oregon.
I’m totally dumbfounded that anyone could do something like this.

And I’m extremely angry at the police in what ever town this was to have treated a young woman like this. Obviously she was telling the truth, they would have had to have produced their drivers licenses and the would have seen that she was from the same town.

This is just unbelievable that something like this happened to a young woman that I’ve known since my Daughter and her were in Jr High.
I certainly hope Amy gets her just rewards for stranding what was supposed to be a friend, states away from her family and friends. This is terrible.

Oh and Amy is a seller of something called Boresha, some kind of coffee drink that's supposed to help you lose weight. I'd hope that people will stay away from this individual. If she would do something like this to someone that she called a "friend" then I'd hate to think what she'd do to someone trying to buy this product from her.
I certainly would NOT want to be having anything to do with this mentally disturbed individual.