Friday, October 21, 2011

Sugar Scrubs By Rayvens Rarities Custom Made Skin Care Products and how I started

About a year ago, I bought some bath and body products as Christmas gifts for friends of my Daughter.

I wanted to get the girls some really good stuff so I bought them all hand made products in gift baskets.

One of the items was hand made Sugar scrubs. The girls loved their gifts. I asked them after the holidays were over how they liked them. They loved the gift baskets but had one comment that concerned me.

The sugar scrub they had gotten was very oily. After using it they had to re-wash their faces to get the oil off. That bothered me. I didn’t make it but got me thinking and started me off on some research.

I had already jumped into starting to make my own Goats milk and Shea Butter soaps. My soaps can be found here at my on line store.

It was a pretty easy transition to my researching sugar scrubs and the components that made them up, since I have already gotten into the world of making Bath and Body products.

I did a ton of research on them, and think I have finally came up with a good formula that provides the user with a really good exfoliating scrub to get all those pesky dead skin cells off and also moisturizes the skin without leaving it all oily like a lot of them do. 
I found in doing my research that a lot of sugar scrubs are nothing but oil and sugar. YUCK

Not mine. I have found a recipe that gives you a good scrubbing and cleansing without leaving you oily. Your skin will be clean, polished and glowing.

You can find my Sugar Scrub here. It comes in two sizes. The standard size here, and a trial size here. I hope that you will consider trying them. I have a wide variety of scents to choose from here, and will be adding more as time goes on.

I also hope to add lotions, whipped scrubs and body butters in the future, so watch for those as well.

My Hand Made Sugar Scrubs do not contain the harsh chemicals and additives that commercially made products do. They are wonderful to give as gifts to friends and family. And they make awesome stocking stuffers as well.

Stay tuned for more of my skin care blogs where I will go into detail about how I chose the ingredients I put in my scrubs and how the benefits your skin will receive from using them

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