Sunday, July 24, 2011


Just wanted everyone to know that's been following the adventures with the sick kittens we've found.

This morning myself and my kids had a bit of an adventure with them.

Here's how it went. The mother to these kittens is what I consider to be a wild cat. I wasn't sure for a long time as cats are roamers and you just can't really tell for sure if they are human owned or wild.

I've decided that Mom is wild and had started not caring for the babies.

Anyway, this morning when I got up. MOM and babies were on the front step. Yes there are two more :(

I was just desperate to get the babies as I can tell that while they appear to be in better shape then the three I have, they are still not looking good.

I got my kids out of bed, sleep is very over rated anyway :) and we commenced to try to capture the little ones.

We failed for at least 3-4 tries and then I remembered something that my friend Sofy said to try and that was to lure them with food.

So I got some canned kitty food, placed some on a saucer then put the saucer into a pet carrier. Then just waited and watched the front step. My Daughter was watching with me.

The mom finally creeped into the carrier and started eating. Both of the babies finally showed up and started walking around the carrier trying to find a way in. Unfortunately, my Daughter made a funny comment and I broke out in strangled laughter.

This spooked the mom out of the carrier and the one baby, but one stayed in the carrier. I had retreated into the kitchen to try to compose myself and quit laughing. I finally creeped back into the living room and she motioned to me that at least one baby was in the carrier.

I opened the front door very carefully and quietly, stepped out on the front porch, creeped up to the carrier and slammed the door shut.

So all 4 will go to the vets tomorrow. I had already told the vet that there would maybe be 4 kittens at the check up/med prescribing tomorrow so they already know.

I feel victorious and successful right now. Mission accomplished :)

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