Sunday, October 24, 2010


And not a good one but not horrid

Oh gods, this crappy situation just keeps going up and down.

K made it from Oklahoma to Memphis Tennessee. The flight 1st flight out of Oklahoma had gotten delayed due to a bird hitting the plane she was supposed to have left in or was leaving in. It delayed the flight from Tennessee to Michigan.

Due to that delay, it made her miss the flight that she was SUPPOSED to be taking once she got to Michigan.

No worries, the airline, Delta, gave her a food voucher and arranged for her to take a later flight from Memphis Tennesee to now Utah.

All is well.

THEN Delta gave her seat away on the later flight because they said she wasn't there.

They just gave her a food voucher to use due to the delay and they said she wasn't there.


OH JOY, she got to sit in the airport of Memphis Tennessee for like 4 hours due to Delta giving her seat away cause they said she wasn't there, even though they had just given her a food voucher for the delay the bird hitting the plane had caused.

She finally got on the plane in Memphis like 15 minutes ago, and then she promptly had to get off the plane just a couple of minutes ago due to a problem with the fuel readings on that plane


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