Thursday, October 28, 2010

Final Update to Friends on Drugs Story

Well as you all, already know MOST of this horrible tale, here’s the latest. Although it’s now a few days old, but hopefully it’s pretty much at an end for the people involved and can be forgotten about at some point in time.

You all know the horrid ordeal that the young lady I am calling K for identity protection purposes, had to endure for most of last week.

I found more out about this whole affair and was even more upset and angered by it.

The individual that asked K to accompany her on this trip had apparently lied to K even more than we knew.

You all have most likely read about this Amy’s break with reality and her flipping out in the vehicle and all the rest. If you are just reading this entry, please go back and read them all so you will understand and be able to follow along.

Amy knew before she asked K to take that long driving trip that she was not going to be allowed BY HER OWN FAMILY to see her Grandmother. K had NO knowledge of the fact that she was taking a trip, with what turned out to be a very mentally disturbed individual, that the trip was for nothing and Amy had full knowledge of it.

The whole thing with Amy flipping out and all the rest happened AFTER she was NOT allowed to go anywhere NEAR her Grandmother.

Amy’s OWN MOTHER and AUNT would not allow her anywhere NEAR her Grandmother and we are all of the understanding that Amy knew this before she ever left this area to go on that long trip.

And we also found out, much to our horror, that Amy was packing a hand gun through this whole thing. K was so upset when the Police arrived at the scene of Amy’s breakdown, that she forgot to tell them that Amy, had a gun.

Also, ever since K was basically stranded by this nut job Amy, Amy’s husband Josh had been calling K to make sure she was alright, and that has been continuing even since K finally made it home.

Josh told K that he’d gotten a phone call from Amy’s Mother ( his Mother-in-Law) that Amy was now Josh’s problem and that the family was done with her.


Amy apparently is a nut case from WAAAAAAAAAAY  back. We don’t know if Amy is back in this area or not. She was supposedly in Colorado a day or so ago so if she isn’t back here, she should be soon.

K went to our county courthouse a day or so ago, to try to obtain a Restraining order to keep this psycho away from her and her family.

I want to thank all of you that gave K support and well wishes through this ordeal. She and her husband can’t believe that there are such caring and thoughtful people that would do something like that for a stranger. Thanks my on line “family”  :)

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  1. Found this blog to be insightful and well written- you handled a very touchy topic with great care.