Sunday, October 24, 2010


K got to the airport in Oklahoma just fine this morning but then trouble started. The plane she was supposed to get on got delayed due to a bird flying into the plane (stupid bird).

Anyway, it delayed her flight long enough that she missed the one in Tennessee. Good thing is that the airline she is flying with, Delta, put her on another flight, and gave her a food voucher. And actually providing nothing else goes wrong, this will turn out better for her.

Her old schedule had her flying from
Oklahoma to Tennesee to Michagan to Oregon (Home)
 With an almost 4 hour lay over in Michigan.

Now as long as she's got no more delays, instead of going into Michigan, she'll be flying from Tennesee with about an hour and a halfs lay over, to Atlanta Georgia and only about an hour lay over and then to Portland Oregon. And she's scheduled to arrive about a half hour earlier than the original plans so hopefully this is going to turn out a bit better than it was.

And the whacked out woman that caused all this, her husband has offered to pay for all of this stuff. In my opinion he should have to pay for it and get his wife locked up in a drug treatment facility if she ever shows back up here !!

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